Carnaval de Alicante

Hola! ¿Como estáis? How have you been? For my next blog post, I would like to tell you about one of the biggest festivals in Alicante, the Carnaval de Alicante.

1. About the Carnaval

Image result for carnaval de alicante
Carnaval de Alicante 2020

The carnival tiene lugar between Februrary and March each year, it lasts for a little more than a semana. During this week the city is filled with música, costumes y alegría. This is the second most participated fiesta in Alicante. It is charcterized by being abierto and by everyone being bienvenido to participate.

Can you translate the words in bold in the previous paragraph?

2. Sábado Ramblero

Image result for carnaval de alicante
City centre of Alicante

The biggest event during the festival is the Sabado ramblero, which is known as the day when the city lives without rest. At night, thousands of people takes over the streets of Alicante following the rhytm of music played live, dancing around dressed in original costumes, from classics such as cavemen to superheroes. This last until early morning.

Can you name the following costumes in Spainsh?



tiene lugar: take place
semana: week
música: music
alegría: happiness, joy
fiesta: party
abierto: open
bienvenido: welcome


1. payaso/ payasa
2. medico
3. bombero
4. vaquero
5. policía
6. superman

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